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Who We Are
Conway Wholesale Produce is a privately owned disadvantaged business that was established in 1996. Our core business area involves supplying all types of fruits and vegetables to the public and private sector. Our primary work experience has been as a subcontractor to prime contractors holding federal, state and local contracts. Our management team is experienced and capable of working on complex large and small scale projects for private sector firms and public sector organizations.
Over 35 Years
From the day of incorporation, we have been involved in projects at the state and local levels and as a subcontractor to federal prime contracts. We now seek to expand our operations to include federal work as a prime contractor. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide tailored solutions for our client’s requirements. We have established relationships and teaming agreements with partners and vendors throughout the industry that will allow us to meet client demands for solutions and services at the highest quality and affordable levels.

Conway Wholesale Produce adheres to the standards of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and accounting principles for fixed price and cost plus contracts. We track our costs by utilizing accounting practices of recording our time and expenditures by customer and job. Our employees and teaming partners utilize timesheets to record time for services rendered to clients and the costs for all expenditures are recorded and based on the client or effort that directly benefits from the effort. Conway "assets/images/ Produce has received and performed contracts with the USDA, PBO Birmingham, PBO Fort Worth, Arkansas Public Schools, Arkansas Prison Systems and many other food services industries.

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